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About Us

Our story

In a world where the needs of individuals with disabilities are often overlooked, Care n Housing has emerged with a fresh perspective. Inspired by her favourite movie The Intouchables, company founder Sunny envisioned a world where every individual – regardless of their disability, skin colour, or status – is treated with respect, dignity and equality.
The Care n Housing team is as diverse as the communities we serve, and this rich tapestry of backgrounds allows us to understand and care for our clients beyond language and cultural barriers. We don’t merely provide service; we’re about fostering trust, understanding individual stories, and ensuring everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.
Our collaboration with AUTA Construction Group has enabled us to craft warm and inviting Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) where people can truly feel at home.
Our journey so far has been deeply rewarding; our 100% satisfaction rating since our inception is a testament to our commitment. Yet for us, the real success is seen in the smiles we witness, the steps of progress we celebrate, and the dreams we help realise.

"Empowering Dreams, Enabling Lives."

These aren’t just words for us; they define our essence – a commitment we strive to achieve for everyone we serve.

Vision Statement

"A world where every individual, irrespective of their abilities, is treated with unwavering respect, dignity, and equality; where diversity is celebrated, voices are heard, and dreams are nurtured and realized."

Mission Statement

"To transcend barriers and redefine care by weaving a tapestry of trust, respect, and equality for individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where personalized care and housing converge to empower lives, enabling every person to feel seen, heard, and valued."

Sunny Yin

Operational Director


Sunny Yin is our local operational director with a wide spectrum of experience in patient care. Sunny graduated with Bachelor of Nursing from Flinders University in 2009 and had also completed a post-graduate Diploma in Palliative Care. She had credited training in ACFI, Mental Health First Aid and previously delivered as ACIPC infection control lead. She completed a Master of Business Administration in 2021.

Sunny has been involved in the Aged Care sector for over 10 years, having worked with dementia residents, palliative care residents and those requiring behaviour management. Sunny previously worked as a nursing home care manager, an operational support facilitator and a clinical nurse in community care. Throughout her career she has a strong passion in providing individualised care addressing the unique needs of her clients. She upholds a high standard for improving patient health outcome and will be dedicated to ensure all our clients receive tailored, passionate service.

About Care And Housing

We at Care and Housing are dedicated to providing flexible, personalized services for our participants with our number one priority being to enhance the quality of life via the commitment of our team. We believe everyone should have access to choice and control over their life.
We value Respect, Integrity, Passion, Accountability, Teamwork and Innovation. We aim to support an inclusive culture, respect individual’s choice, and work closely with participants to achieve individual goals.
We have a large range of services to assist you. Please check out our Services page for more information

Why choose Care n Housing as your NDIS Service Provider in Adelaide?

Care n Housing is honoured to be an accredited NDIS provider, committed to delivering personalised, dependable, and top-notch support services right here in Adelaide. We take a tailored approach, ensuring each participant receives care that’s specifically customised to their unique needs and desires.
Our team is driven by passion for making a positive impact and is highly skilled at connecting participants with the most suitable community access programs, aligning with their individual needs and passions. We’re adaptable, offering specialised support to a diverse age range, from kids to young and older adults, and we’re adept at assisting individuals with intellectual and/or physical impairments.
At Care n Housing, every support worker is experienced and deeply attuned to the unique requirements of each participant. We embrace a person-centred approach, empowering participants to refine their daily living skills and foster independence. Our goal goes beyond typical care; we’re dedicated to creating an atmosphere where each individual is equipped to reach their aspirations and live a life marked by autonomy, fulfilment, respect, and dignity.

Core Values


Upholding the dignity of every individual, acknowledging their inherent worth and contributions.


Eradicating barriers of discrimination to pave a path where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.


Embracing and celebrating the rich, diverse backgrounds of our team and the communities we serve.


Building relationships anchored in trust, transparency, and mutual respect.


Harnessing the power of personalized care and supportive housing to inspire autonomy and self-realization.


Nurturing an environment of kindness, empathy, and understanding where every story is honoured.

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